Web hosting

Just like you, your web site also needs a home or a place to hang out for others to see... ;)
We provide all our customers with affordable and custom tailored web hosting solutions for their projects no matter what they need. Hosting packages start from 500mb and only sky is the limit.

We can also provide you with affordable and custom tailored hosting solution even if we didnĀ“t work on your web page design. All of our servers have following features:
  • Cpanel 10 Admin panel
  • unlimited traffic (fair use policy)
  • E-Mail accounts
  • E-Mail forwarders
  • MYSQL database
  • 24/7 Ftp access
  • Apache Server
  • 1 domain per account
  • Mime Types control
  • Webmail
  • Auto responders
  • Website Statistics
  • 24/7 UPS
  • Frontpage extension
  • Cron jobs schedule
  • Daily backups
In order to provide quality service we reserve the right not to host or to immediately shut down web sites that:
  • encourage any illegal content/products/services in any direct or indirect manner
  • is involved in any spamming or unsolicited email activities
  • criticize any community, race, or religion in any direct or indirect manner
**Fair use policy implies for all hosting packages.